White House influences


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Huma Abedin’s father

Hume, Weiter and Muslim Brotherhood

Syed Abedin

Abdullah Omar Naseem

Uranium deal after donations to Clinton Foundation

Valerie Jarrett

Joseph Bernardine

Ari Alikhan

Mohammed Elibiary

Saul Alinsky

Is Barack Obama a Shia Muslim?

Three Stages of Islam

Iraq Shiites

Stanford alumni blow the whistle on Valerie Jarrett

Janet Napolitano

John Kerry’s daughter and son-in-law and State Department funneling money to their charity

Eboo Patel

Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinksy

Obama’s father and background

Obama’s brother

Obama on humanism, islam upbringing

Humanism and Communism

Obama’s cousin runs for Kenyan President to institute Sharia Law

Palestine: Mostly Sunni

Founder of Muslim Brotherhood

Founder of Muslim Brotherhood’s son

Founder of Muslim Brotherhood’s grandson

Hillary Clinton shutting down Tablighi Jamaal investigation