Pope Francis Changes the Lords Prayer, Moves Further Towards Globalism

Pope Francis carrying wiccan stang and wearing hammer and sickle from Vatican video

The Pope has changed the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:13. (

“lead us not into temptation” is now…

“do not let us fall into temptation”

Vatican officials claim the original English translation implied God induced tempation. Yet God does tempt man, as told in the stories of Job and the Binding of Isaac.

Why this matters: Communists, marxists, globalists, socialists, humanists, progressives and modernists believe man can be kept from temptation by force. A one world government can create heaven on earth with politically correct social justice. Obey the state. God is not needed.

Modernists, and also progressives, use their terms as a disguise, in order to falsely brand opponents as against moral improvement.

Pope Francis has reportedly abandoned the concept of Hell and has given a speeches saying “everything will be saved. Everything.” (

In the graphic: Pope Francis has been recorded on tape and photographed carrying a wiccan stang at Synod of Bishops and wearing the hammer and sickle in Bolivia. His establishment in 2016 of a social justice department in the Vatican makes more dire sense. (


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