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  • The Bump Stock

    A bump stock device, approved by President Obama’s ATF in 2010, was allegedly used by the Las Vegas shooter at Mandalay Bay. The bump stock can often jam and produces inaccurate fire, prompting an ATF official in 2010 to describe it as ““… a goofy, little doodad.” Read more at Breitbart UPDATE: Bump stocks can…

  • Gorrell toon

  • While we talk infrastructure …

    Interesting twist on visualizing the interstate highway system. More transit map art from the talented Cameron Booth at President Obama often touted government as the builder and provider for all. A good read at Town Hall on “Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge” by Michelle Malkin dissects progressive views of where infrastructure really happens.

  • Senator Warren’s Hypocricy

    Do as Democrats say. Not how they do. Courtesy Fox News BREAKING: Warren is upset at President Trump for calling out her out on using fake ancestry to gain minority status. (Washington Times story)

  • Ramirez toon

  • Blockchains and banks

    More banks are signing on to blockchain technology to move money. (Yahoo Finance story) Western Union and its competitor Moneygram are experimenting with Ripple Tech, a competitor to Bitcoin.

  • Meme of the Day

    On a serious note, the Obama’s chose a portrait artist, Kehinde Wiley, who has a history of painting white people with their heads cut off. (Daily Caller story)

  • Meme of the Day

    Happy Weekend!

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  • Munich Massacre at the Olympics

    September 5-6, 1972: 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were tortured and killed by Palestinian terrorists called Black September. A West German police officer was also killed. (Telegraph story on new torture revelations) Forty years later, in 2012, the International Olympic Committee refused a moment of silence to honor the victims, despite former precedence. (Washington Times…

  • Democrats Making College Tuition Expensive

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for “free” tuition at New York public colleges: CBS report By — Extensive sources links . . .

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  • Happy Groundhog Day

    2018: Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter (Fox News)

  • Ramirez toon

  • Drug cartels helping ISIS, illegals cross border

    Anything for new voters: In 2016 the Obama Administration published roadmaps for illegal immigrants to escape border patrol. (Fox News) Still relevant infographic from 2010: Judicial Watch has new information UPDATE: Mexican Government Allows Top Cartel Bosses to Escape Prior to U.S. Extradition (Breitbart)

  • Super Blue Blood Moon 2018

    On January 31, 2018 many will be treated to three lunar events at once … Super Moon: Closest approach to Earth Blue Moon: When two full moons happen in the same calendar month Blood Moon: Total lunar eclipse (Moon passes into Earth’s shadow, appearing red) The last Blue Blood Moon was 152 years ago. Read…

  • Branco toon

    More from the talented A.F. Branco: Comically Incorrect

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  • Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline

    Martin Luther King Jr. had a “dream” but not a plan. Analysis by Stefan Molyneux on YouTube Democrats turned the “dream” into socialism.

  • Protests in Iran

    Image by Geopolitical Futures