Hillary Clinton’s resume

While the media witch hunts President Trump, remember what we dodged:


By History Infographics — Sources . . .

NOV. 6 UPDATE: Clinton’s Filipino maid handled her confidential State Department information. (NY Post)

NOV. 6 UPDATE: Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation charity to pay for wedding in same year as Haiti earthquake. (Fox News)

5.7% of Clinton Foundation money goes to actual charity (Daily Caller)

Update: FBI reopens Clinton investigation (CNBC)

Watergate investigation (

Cattle futures trades detailed (Washington Post)

Grant money to Communists in El Salvador (

Clintons paid Webb Hubbell $541,750 for little to no work (

Stole White House furniture (ABC News)

Russian reset button fiasco (

Russian Uranium deal and Clinton Foundation cash (New York Times)

Lies to grieving families of Benghazi attack (New York Post)

Travelgate (LA Times)

96% Clinton charitable donations to herself (Mediaite)

List of 100 lies (

5.7% donations to Clinton Foundation went to charity according to IRS (Daily Caller)

FBI reopens investigation into Hillary Clinton (CNBC)