Facebook’s New Feature: Provides Complete Control Over Your News Feeds

Today, Facebook has officially announced that it provides complete control for you over what should be displayed on your News Feed and ability to prioritize the posts on a daily or hourly basis. The giant social network is tweaking its News Feed by launching this new update for all its users. Facebook has aimed at giving more control for all its users to filter posts and view the information that they really wish to see. The users can now fine-tune posts on their News Feed through by choosing the updates of preferred brands and friends.

Facebook’s New Tool – Control & Customize Your News Feed

Facebook has introduced new tools in the News Feed Preferences that allows you to drive hands-on with your selected preferences. This new application has been rolled out on iOS initially and seems to provide for Android and desktop in future. The new tools present in your Timeline preferences let you do following things:

  • You can Select Specific friends and pages so that your News Feed displays only the posts that you have selected.
  • You can set your preferences in such a way that, you’ll never miss any news that you wish to see.
  • New Application allows you see your favorites always at the top of your News Feed whenever a new update is shared on the Timeline.

Facebook Revamps News Feed Tools

  • Just by tapping on a particular person with News Feed preferences, you can view the posts they’ve posted.
  • The new update allows you to hide posts from people whom you treat as non-sense on Facebook.
  • You will be able to prioritize people and pages that you wish to see first on your News Feed.
    Facebook Tweaks News Feed Preferences
  • The name of a preferred person will appear in your News Feed so that you can easily recognize the post has been shared by one of your favorites.
  • Facebook’s new tools have been tweaked so that it provides an option to link up with friends and pages that you’ve “Unfriend” or “Liked” in the past.

Greg Marra, the Product Manager at Facebook said that “We rank [items in] your News Feed with the goal that whether you have five seconds or five minutes, you’re seeing the best of what’s in your feed.” She also added, “We know we don’t always get that perfect right now.”

Earlier, Facebook rolled with a news that it is testing “See First” that allows you to view selected posts on the top of the News Feed. Now, it has an official website will be announced that users can have control in order to customize their News Feed.

Here is the video of the simple interface with new customizable options that are available on iOS:

Facebook is endeavoring to add new features so as to help people discover new brand pages and let them experience with a simple interface with more customizable options. However, this new tweak seems interesting for us as well as the company that has totally relied on its own algorithm to direct the flow of your News Feed.