ISIS Defeat in Syria

U.S. backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have reportedly retaken ISIS’ proclaimed capital of Raqqa. (Stars and Stripes story)

A look at the battlefield last week:

Source: Institute for the Study of War

What’s next, once ISIS falls? (Breaking Israel News)

Kurds, Iraqis Dispute after Victories

GOOD NEWS: ISIS has lost 95% of its gains in Iraq.

POWER VACUUM: The multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk produces a large amount of oil, which the U.S. trained Kurdish army wants to control.

UPDATE: Iraqi forces seized the oil fields and air base in Kirkuk on Monday, Oct. 16. The Kurds withdrew. (Circa News story)

The U.S. is not currently supporting either side’s claims. Read more at Stars & Stripes

Boko Haram Kills Green Berets

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram ambushed U.S. special operations troops who were helping train soldiers in Niger. 3 Green Berets were killed and two were wounded.

A look at Boko Haram (which means “Western education is sinful”)

Boko Haram attacks

Read more at Stars and Stripes

The Left’s Control of Guns and Health

The left is pushing for massive gun control after the Las Vegas shooting. They already are on the march to single-payer health care. A look at what can happen when the “state” gets both …

By – Extensive sources …

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ISIS vs. Europe

Recent ISIS setbacks in Syria and Iraq have not deterred their planning and execution of attacks in Europe.

Radical Muslims love Europe’s open borders, political correctness and giant welfare payments.

Source: Institute for the Study of War

North Korean Hydrogen Bomb Threat

Kim Jong Un Threatens Hydrogen Bomb Test in Pacific (Townhall story)

Trump Echoes Socialism’s Failures

President Trump’s speech to the United Nations today highlighted the world organization’s bloated bureaucracy and the failure of Communism and Socialism.

Earlier this year NATO got the same message from Trump and started taking more responsibility for their defense.


By History Infographics — Sources . . .

Socialism in Sweden:

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Western Civilization Under Attack

The results of President Obama and Hillary Clinton helping the Arab Spring …

Most of the refugees able-bodied men under 30.

Read more at The Daily Mail.

North Korea Advances Missile Strength

July 4, 2017: North Korea test-fired a Hwasong-14 which could reach Alaska.

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North Korea’s Nuclear Strategic Threat

U.S. spy satellites picked up activity at North Korea’s underground nuclear facility this week, ahead of today’s (June 21, 2017) meetings with U.S. and Chinese diplomats in D.C. (Read more at Fox News)

North Korea has tested five nuclear bombs so far.

Arabs Attack Israel: 1948

North Korea Continues Missile Tests

North Korea boasted it had fired a new type of cruise missile on June 9.

GOOD NEWS: South Korea then agreed to accept more THAAD missile defense from the U.S. Read more at

Defending South Korea with THAAD


1. The U.S. rushed deployment of two THAADs to the SE of South Korea before their Presidential elections.

2. China balked at THAAD deployment.

3. New South Korean President suspended deployment of additional THAAD, citing environmental concerns (ridiculous).

4. JUNE 7, 2017: North Korea just launched new missile salvos, (fourth since new President Moon took over.)

5. Will the U.S. reconsider its defense of South Korea?

UPDATE: South Korea has agreed to accept more THAAD missile defense from the U.S. after another launch by North Korea on June 9. Read more at

Battle of Midway

Battle of Midway – 75th Anniversary: On June 3-6 the U.S. destroyed Japan’s carrier strength and downed most of its veteran pilots, ending more Japanese threats into the Pacific.

100 Years Ago: Selective Service Act

May 18, 1917: President Woodrow Wilson readied the U.S. for the Great War (WW1) by signing the Selective Service Act passed by Congress.

25 million signed up
2.5 million ultimately drafted
2 million volunteered
117,000 died (50% to influenza)
675,000 Americans died from influenza brought back from the war

–WW1 propaganda poster

North Korea Missile Test

North Korea fired a ballistic missile 500 miles into the Sea of Japan over the weekend.

North Korea Missile Tests (Yonhap News Agency)

Map from The Daily Mail.

Why the U.S. cares about Somalia

April 15, 2017: Over 20 101st Airborne troops sent to Somalia to train forces fighting radical Islamist group al-Shabab

May 5: Death of U.S. Navy Seal announced outside Mogadishu.

Loss of Somalia to radical Islamists could force maritime trade to travel around the African continent. Read more at

Obama created Somali enclave in Amarillo, Texas. They elected their own mayors. (

ISIS sanctuary zones

As of May 10 from Institute for the Study of War:

Wake Up France

Battle of the Coral Sea

MAY 4-8: U.S. forces turned back the Japanese fleet, badly injuring two carriers who otherwise could have turned the tide in the Battle of Midway, a month later.

READ MORE: At Pacific Aviation Museum