Socialists Voting Against U.S. on Jerusalem

The U.S. moving its embassy to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem was met with condemnation from most nations on Dec. 21, 2017. More details at USA Today.

(The same nations who skated by on the American defense dime while socialism and Muslim outreach thrived.)

GOOD NEWS: President Trump’s negotiations have convinced European nations to start meeting their NATO obligations.

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Kurds, Iraqis Dispute after Victories

GOOD NEWS: ISIS has lost 95% of its gains in Iraq.

POWER VACUUM: The multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk produces a large amount of oil, which the U.S. trained Kurdish army wants to control.

UPDATE: Iraqi forces seized the oil fields and air base in Kirkuk on Monday, Oct. 16. The Kurds withdrew. (Circa News story)

The U.S. is not currently supporting either side’s claims. Read more at Stars & Stripes

Trump Echoes Socialism’s Failures

President Trump’s speech to the United Nations today highlighted the world organization’s bloated bureaucracy and the failure of Communism and Socialism.

Earlier this year NATO got the same message from Trump and started taking more responsibility for their defense.


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Socialism in Sweden:

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Defending South Korea with THAAD


1. The U.S. rushed deployment of two THAADs to the SE of South Korea before their Presidential elections.

2. China balked at THAAD deployment.

3. New South Korean President suspended deployment of additional THAAD, citing environmental concerns (ridiculous).

4. JUNE 7, 2017: North Korea just launched new missile salvos, (fourth since new President Moon took over.)

5. Will the U.S. reconsider its defense of South Korea?

UPDATE: South Korea has agreed to accept more THAAD missile defense from the U.S. after another launch by North Korea on June 9. Read more at