• Meteor showers

    The Perseid meteor showers are at their peak on August 11-12, 2016. Watching guide at

  • Ken Ham debates Bill Nye

    Creationism vs. Evolution

  • Perseid meteor shower

    August 11-12 peak meteors. Watching guide at

  • Juno arrives at Jupiter

    NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrives at Jupiter on Monday, July 4, 2016.

    Complete mission coverage

  • Mosquito habitats in U.S.

    The two species of mosquitos that are known to carry the Zika virus are found in most U.S. states. As of June 2016 the virus has only been discovered in “the territories of Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands.” More at Yahoo news.

  • The Universe in 4 minutes

    From the talented exurb1a Youtube channel

  • Huge coronal hole on Sun revealed

    May 26, 2016 image from NASA, who has not provided much more information.

    According to coronal holes are “where magnetic field lines don’t close back on themselves, but instead stick straight out into space. This leaves an open channel, out of which the solar wind can blast unobstructed.”

    Source at

  • Tracking trash through ocean buoys

    Nice visualization tracking ocean buoys to show where ocean currents accumulate trash and other debris.


  • Mapping the brain’s response to words

    UC Berkeley found language is not all about the temporal lobe. How the human brain responds to different words:

  • How Aliens or Predators might find us

    82 known stars (blue dots) within 3,500 light-years of Earth can see our planet cross in front of the Sun.

    Full story at

    Photo: E. Otwell, C. Crockett; Source: R. Heller and R.E. Pudritz/Astrobiology 2016

  • SpaceX’s reuseable rocket

    The reuseable rocket by SpaceX landed successfully on is barge for the first time, on April 8.


    Watch landing at Business Insider