Ramadan 2017 Final Body Count

Detailed list at ReligionOfPeace.com

238 attacks
1,850 killed in the name of Islam.

Ramadan 2017 Day 24

Detailed list at ReligionOfPeace.com

238 attacks
1,850 killed in the name of Islam.

Islam: Quran deception

Quran 5: Al-Ma’idah

By History Infographics — Sources . . .

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Was the Tower of Babel Real?

A privately owned tablet has revealed a drawing of a giant Ziggurat next to Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Ancient Babylon (634-562 BCE).

Ancient text below the drawing reveals the story of its construction.

Find out more from Smithsonian Channel video.

Israel Independence Day

Today is Israel Independence day marking Israeli nationhood in 1948.

They were immediately attacked.

MORE: There has never been a Palestinian state. It is a geographical term hijacked by Islamic radicals to combat Israel. (TheJerusalemConnection.us)

Flashback: March 22 Islam attack on Brussels

FLASHBACK: The March 22 Islamic terrorist attack on London occurred on the anniversary of the 2016 Brussels attack:

MARCH 23 UPDATE: A car attack by “Mohamed R., a 39-year-old French national of North African origin was foiled in Antwerp as he tried to run over pedestrians. (Telegraph report)

Does IQ by Country Matter?

Why do immigrants from low IQ countries (illegal, legal and refugees) tend to vote in the U.S. for the same type of government which they fled?

Excellent YouTube series by philosopher Stefan Molyneux on IQ and the Bell Curve.

Recipe for genocide

By Historyinfographics.com – Extensive sources …

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Garrison toon

VIDEO: Le Pen video refusing to wear head scarf to meet with Lebanon Mufti (YouTube).
(Interesting how the media never says “far-left”)

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Recent Terror Attacks

The media is angry at Trump for calling them out on ignoring Islamic terror attacks. Thereligionofpeace.com even maintains a list for them, if they cared:

It is Not a Muslim Ban

“States of concern” designated by the Obama Administration were restricted Visas by the Obama Administration.

Trump is doing the same and the media calls it a “Muslim ban” #fakenews

Read more at American Digest

Great video explanation by Stefan Molyneux

Netanyahu Rocks the World

Israel Under Siege

70 nations meet in Paris on Jan. 15 to force a two-state solution on Israel (with Palestinians who want to exterminate Jews.)

Biblical prohecy of 70-nations vs. Israel (From BreakingIsraelNews.com)

United Nations vs. Israel

President Obama is pushing for a United Nations resolution against Israeli settlements in the West Bank with a vote scheduled today. Jerusalem Post report

Map courtesy Israeli embassy threat assessment

Berlin Christmas Market Attack

Islamic terrorists struck a Berlin Christmas market killing 12 and injuring at least 48 more.. Daily Mail story

Defeating Islamic conquest: Battle of Lepanto

1571: Austrians helped save the Christian European civilization from Islamic conquest. Battle details at Warfare History Network

2016: Austrians vote against stricter immigration policies as Islamic refugees pour into the European welfare system. More from Wall Street Journal


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After ISIS calls for attacks with pointy weapons in October, Ohio State University suffered an Islamic attack on Monday. More from PJ Media

Ohio State attacker praised Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. (Fox News)

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Islamist Extremist Organizations in America

Full state by state list at Clarion Project