Break Time

We have fought for two years to expose the liberal damage to society and won.

More work to do, but must recharge our batteries for one month.

Huge plans in September, 2017!

The Government Teet

Medicaid started as safety net for only 2% of population.

Medicaid enrollees to grow by 40 million under Obamacare (CNS News)

Trump nominees

Senate Democrats are trying to slow roll nominees, plus President Trump has not submitted as many names. (Keeping the swamp small.)

Washington Post graphic

Waters’ 43rd District

UPDATE: Auntie Maxine is considering running for President.

By History Infographics
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Meme of the Day

Housing crisis history

UPDATE: It has been 10 years (Feb. 7, 2008) since the announcement by HSB which started the housing crisis, caused by Democrats pandering for votes. (Excellent timeline at Zerohedge)

What “The Big Short” movie left out…

By History Infographics — Sources . . .

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Clinton Ukraine Collusion Links

The financing scheme of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign using IMF loans intended for Ukraine.

Source: Cyber-berkut

Clinton-China Collusion

The media will ignore an “off the record” meeting with the Clinton campaign and the Chinese Ambassador …

Read more at Wikileaks (Which has never been wrong)

Hillary Clinton’s money train


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Hillary Clinton’s resume

While the media witch hunts President Trump, remember what we dodged:


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Declaration of Independence and Constitution lectures

From Hillsdale College

Podesta and Russiagate


Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, John Podesta got testy in an interview when asked about his 75,000 shares in a Russian-backed stock.

Read more at The Daily Caller

What a swamp!

FBI needs to investigate FBI

“The Hatch Act prohibits FBI employees from engaging “in political activity in concert with a political party”

Congress wants Inspector General to investigate McCabe. (Circa News)

Expensive Cities (Thanks to Democrats)

Read more and see full list at Magnify Money

Hillary’s Blame Game

Pajama girl tour…

Will Russia probe circle back on her and the DNC?

Why did the DNC refuse to let the FBI see their servers after they were hacked?

Occam’s razor.

Obamacare Mess

Let us hope the 142-page Republican Health Care Bill (Read here at can fix this Obamacare mess:

A CATO institute study explains how Obamacare regulations are “terms and conditions” of government spending, which is allowed to be repealed with a simple majority in the Senate.

Obamacare architect: Increase fines

FLASHBACK: Jonathan Gruber proposes “fixing” Obamacare by increasing fines for not participating, which according to CNN are $700 on average.

Democrats already screwed up tuition costs, now they want to further penalize young Americans.

Tuitions costs infographic

The liberal scientific method

Democrat attorney generals and Al Gore are using the corrupt legal system to attack scientific debate. Effects of the Sun, geothermal activity, tilt of the Earth and water vapor must be silenced, according to “settled science”.



Maxine Waters’ Russian investments

Good ole Maxine runs in fear when asked about her Russian investments!

Thanks to Fleccas Talks YouTube channel.

Read more about Waters’ Russian ties at

Clinton’s Blame Game

Hillary spoke at a technology conference about who was to blame for her Presidential loss. Yes, you heard it right. A technology conference.