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  • Declaration of Independence News

  • The New Democrat Policy?

    Ted Kennedy intern, Bernie Sanders organizer and member of the far-left Democratic Socialists of America Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Bronx-Queens congressional seat last week.

    Fellow Democrats are attempting to downplay Ocasio-Cortez’s win but if her openly-stated views get votes will Democrats open borders and welfare policies get stronger? Read more at The New York Post

  • Supreme Court Judicial Leanings

    Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement, setting off the newest political battle in the swamp. Kennedy, nominated by President Ronald Reagan as a conservative, has been a swing vote on the court, often drifting liberal. Read more about Kenney at

    Graphic by The Economist

  • Maxine Waters Calls for Harassment

    More derangement syndrom from Maxine Waters: “For these members of [Trump’s] Cabinet who remain and try to defend him they’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store”

    Democrats have sued Christian bakers for reserving the right who to serve, yet now call for denying service to proponents of smaller government.

  • Waterboarding 101

    CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel is expected to be confirmed as the next CIA director despite lawmakers concern’s over enhanced interrogation methods like waterboarding aimed at keeping citizens safe since 9-11.

    Senator Rand Paul is worried about Haspel’s close ties to former CIA director John Brennan, who is allegedly involved in the shadow government aimed at toppling a sitting President. (CNS News story)


  • Wage gap myth

    If women are 23% cheaper to hire, why aren’t employers hiring only women?

  • Chappaquiddick Cover Up

    A new movie about the Kennedy’s actions during the Chappaquiddick cover up.

  • U.S. deficits: 1969-2015

    Why did Paul Ryan and other RINOs join Democrats in budget busting spending?

  • Democrats Making College Tuition Expensive

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for “free” tuition at New York public colleges: CBS report

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  • Branco toon

  • What We Avoided

    Could we have survived another eight years?

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  • Housing Crisis Settlements Illegally Went to Leftist Radical Groups

    Obama’s DOJ forced financial institutions involved in the Democrat created financial meltdown to put roughly a billion dollars into a slush fund that illegally went to racist leftist groups like La Raza (The Race). Daily Caller story

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