Termites, Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming

California to begin regulating cow farts.

Say hello to higher prices, so California bureaucrats can hand out more cash to cronies.

The Sun, tilt of the planet, geologic activity and Termites change the climate more than Man.


MAIN SOURCE: Termites: A Potentially Large Source of Atmospheric Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Molecular Hydrogen (Science Mag)

By History Infographics — Extensive other sources . . .

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PROVEN: Obama’s Birth Certificate Forgery

UPDATE: Malik Obama shared Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate on Twitter today.

Anyone can download Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate from whitehouse.gov

Opening the Adobe PDF in Adobe Illustrator instantly discovers the forgery. Whoever made this document did not bother to merge layers, or didn’t care because the Department of Justice is now a Democrat party organization.

One layer:

All the layers

There should be no layers if you scan or take a picture of a document.

Why would they lie? We don’t know.