Why Do Blacks Vote Democrat?

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1957 Civil Rights Bill

The Black Family Is Struggling, and It’s Not Because of Slavery

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Democrats Making College Tuition Expensive

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for free tuition at New York public colleges: CBS report


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Housing crisis history

UPDATE: It has been 10 years (Feb. 7, 2008) since the announcement by HSB which started the housing crisis, caused by Democrats pandering for votes. (Excellent timeline at Zerohedge)

What “The Big Short” movie left out…

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Obamacare Mess

Let us hope the 142-page Republican Health Care Bill (Read here at Senate.gov) can fix this Obamacare mess:

A CATO institute study explains how Obamacare regulations are “terms and conditions” of government spending, which is allowed to be repealed with a simple majority in the Senate.

Paris Accords

Thank you President Trump for getting us out of this Communist global redistribution of wealth.

False Flag Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria?

The Daily Mail deleted this story in 2013:

Allegedly the chemical company mentioned in the story sued the paper into deleting story. It is available on the Wayback Machine (link).

Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State days after the story broke.

Somehow, film crews without safety gear, with HD cameras, were able to stream live from the war torn area quickly, showing rescuers without gloves helping victims of Sarin gas attacks.

Obama’s Benghazi Liar Was Unmasker

Mike Cernovich broke the news that Obama stooge Susan Rice requested unmasking of U.S. citizens, including Trump and his team who were spyed on in Big Brother’s surveillance net. Worse than Watergate.

FLASHBACK: Montage of Rice lying to Americans about Benghazi:

Obama Official Admits Illegal Spying on Trump

Evelyn Farkas is mainly showing off her importance, but in so doing reveals the Deep State working to undermine Trump.

McDonalds and Robert Gibbs

McDonalds hired Robert Gibbs (Obama’s press secretary), in 2015 to direct communications (Source: McDonalds site)

They tweet the following and pin it (then delete it later):

They blame hackers. Hmmmm.

Same Robert Gibbs who admitted he lied about drone program.

Shadow Government?

PROVEN: Obama’s Birth Certificate Forgery

UPDATE: Malik Obama shared Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate on Twitter today.

Anyone can download Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate from whitehouse.gov

Opening the Adobe PDF in Adobe Illustrator instantly discovers the forgery. Whoever made this document did not bother to merge layers, or didn’t care because the Department of Justice is now a Democrat party organization.

One layer:

All the layers

There should be no layers if you scan or take a picture of a document.

Why would they lie? We don’t know.

Branco toon

Maxine Waters Reveals Obama’s Secret Database

On Obama’s 501c4 “Organizing for America”: “that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.”

Liberal Media Denies Obama Wiretapped Trump

But on January 20, 2017 …

Long list of Obama surveilling U.S. citizens and allies (Gateway Pundit)

2013 FLASHBACK: Good ole Maxine Waters said Obama has a “database [that] will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before”

Branco toon

Loretta Lynch Calls for Violent Revolution

Obama’s Attorney General ….

Yes, same woman who met with Bill Clinton on airplane before announcing details of Hillary Clinton investigation.

Meme of the Day


Ramirez toon

Courtesy Michael Ramirez at GoComics.com

Netanyahu Rocks the World

Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven a Forgery

Joe Arpaio news conference on Thursday evening:


UPDATE: We downloaded the long form birth certificate from whitehouse.gov and opened it in Adobe Illustrator. The PDF file has multiple layers quickly revealing it was a pieced together forgery, and a felony.

White House staffers must be too stupid to merge layers and take a screen grab.

Or they don’t care about forging documents, because nobody in the DOJ is going to bring charges against them.