Hurricane Misrepresentation

Meteorologists often compare current data to incomplete past data to claim doomsday.

Early Twentieth Century and prior, scientists relied on ships or islands to see hurricanes.

(Marked in blue is what the meteorologists leave out)

Weather Perspective

1927 was a bad year for weather. (Before SUVs)


Clinton and Media Collusion

Money money money money …

See full email at Wikileaks’ Podesta batch

Lester toon

Project Veritas: American Pravda Part 4

Could CNN be this stupid? Yes.

CNN Threatens Meme Maker

The Internet responds …

It could be a federal felony (Gateway Pundit)

Meme of the Day

Meme of the Day

Project Veritas: American Pravda Part 3

The CNN Producer of Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo’s show had the following to say and more:

On American voters: “They’re stupid as s#*t”

On his CNN direct coworkers: “90% of us are on board with just the fact that [President Trump’s] crazy.”

CNN’s Van Jones Admits Russiagate a ‘Nothingburger’

Part two from Project Veritas:

CNN exposed again

James O’Keefe has a new team at Project Vertias to expose the media.

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CNN Caught Faking News

Footage from @markantro on Twitter shows CNN’s @BeckyCNN staging an ISIS protest in London. They even removed White police officers from the scene and substituted with Asian officers.

Washington Post hypocrisy

The media had no problem with Obama sharing intel with the Russians on June 30, 2016.

Read more at The Daily Sheeple

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Media Fumble


False Flag Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria?

The Daily Mail deleted this story in 2013:

Allegedly the chemical company mentioned in the story sued the paper into deleting story. It is available on the Wayback Machine (link).

Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State days after the story broke.

Somehow, film crews without safety gear, with HD cameras, were able to stream live from the war torn area quickly, showing rescuers without gloves helping victims of Sarin gas attacks.

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Biggest Internet Sites

It’s a little confusing but shows how some websites are connected.

Read more at Vodien

Liberal Media Denies Obama Wiretapped Trump

But on January 20, 2017 …

Long list of Obama surveilling U.S. citizens and allies (Gateway Pundit)

2013 FLASHBACK: Good ole Maxine Waters said Obama has a “database [that] will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before”