Drug cartels helping ISIS, illegals cross border

UPDATE: Mexican Government Allows Top Cartel Bosses to Escape Prior to U.S. Extradition (Breitbart)

The Obama Administration published roadmaps for illegal immigrants to escape border patrol. (Fox News)

Still relevant infographic from 2010:


Judicial Watch has new information

“Obama said it was OK to come”

FLASHBACK: “In a way we are just a welcoming crew” — Border Patrol official

New Job Types

(Besides manufacturing and construction jobs which the Trump Administration is bringing back)

Startup Cities

Midland, Texas leads the country. Sorry San Francisco.

Workplace deaths

Some perspective on the gender pay gap:


AEI report

Minimum wage real adjusted purchasing power

Mexico at 80 cents.

This has NAFTA, border control, cartels, unemployment and cronyism written all over it.


From International Business Times

Unemployment explainer

Behind the confusion: