• Least free states

    Guess who runs the least free states?

    Interactive list at Cato Institute

  • R2D2 actor RIP

    The actor who played R2D2, Kenny Baker (3ft 8in), passed away on Saturday August 13 2016, at 81.

  • Milwaukee: City of Democrats

    After a second night of Milwaukee rioting, interesting to note the city has been run by Democrats since 1916 (including 2 Socialist mayors)

    Tom Barrett: 2004-present – Democrat
    John Norquist: 1988-2004 – Democrat
    Henry W. Maier: 1960 – 1988 – Democrat
    Frank P. Zeidler: 1948-1960 – Socialist
    John Bohn: 1942-1948 – Non partisan
    Carl Zeidler: 1940-1942 – Democrat
    Daniel Webster Hoan: 1916-1940 – Socialist

  • Perseid meteor shower

    August 11-12 peak meteors. Watching guide at

  • Hindenburg history

    By the talented Adolfo Arranz

  • Media bias at conventions

    Kazir Khan has deleted his law firm’s website, which dealt in selling E5B Visas to wealthy Middle Easterners. The E5B program is fraught with corruption and no oversight. Khan’s deleted site from Wayback Machine.

  • Day of Rage home defense

    On Friday July 15, there are Day of Rage gatherings organized by the Anonymous hacker group, in over 30 U.S. cities.

    Just in case Black Lives Matter decides not to loot convenience stores:

    More information and locations at Daily Sheeple

  • Dallas police ambushed by sniper

    Five Dallas police officers werre killed July 8, during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas. Seven other officers are seriously injured.

    Graphic by Dailymail. More information