California Becomes Sanctuary State

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Jerry Brown signs bill (sponsored by Democratic Senate leader Kevin de Leon) making California law enforcement ignore laws. (Fox News)


MORE: Cartels help terrorists enter U.S. (Judicial Watch)

21.7% of federal inmates are non-citizens

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Sanctuary Cities

President Trump’s attempts to reinforce existing law is meeting with more socialist activist judge decisions that violate separation of powers.

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21.7 Percent of U.S. Federal Inmates are Non-Citizens

From Federal Bureau of Prisons:

Drug cartels helping ISIS, illegals cross border

UPDATE: Mexican Government Allows Top Cartel Bosses to Escape Prior to U.S. Extradition (Breitbart)

The Obama Administration published roadmaps for illegal immigrants to escape border patrol. (Fox News)

Still relevant infographic from 2010:


Judicial Watch has new information

Does IQ by Country Matter?

Why do immigrants from low IQ countries (illegal, legal and refugees) tend to vote in the U.S. for the same type of government which they fled?

Excellent YouTube series by philosopher Stefan Molyneux on IQ and the Bell Curve.

“Obama said it was OK to come”

FLASHBACK: “In a way we are just a welcoming crew” — Border Patrol official

Pelosi’s Sanctuary City Questioned

Nancy Pelosi actually faced an extremely tough question on her pro-illegal-immigration support.

Can you imagine her tantrum afterwards?

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It is Not a Muslim Ban

“States of concern” designated by the Obama Administration were restricted Visas by the Obama Administration.

Trump is doing the same and the media calls it a “Muslim ban” #fakenews

Read more at American Digest

Great video explanation by Stefan Molyneux

Mexico’s Deportations of Central Americans

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has slammed Trump on Twitter today.

A look at Mexico’s deportations of Central Americans. (175,000 in 2015)

Zerohedge report

Young vs. Stupid

This 16-year old could be a future Presidential candidate:

America’s Survival

The most important video you will ever see…

Tuberculosis in Minnesota

From Minnesota Department of Health (PDF file, page 15)


Saudi Arabia’s wall

Saudi Arabia does not like illegal immigration…
… but they like donating to the Clinton Foundation.


Illegal immigrants affected by Supreme Court decision

Obama’s attempt to circumvent seperation of powers was thwarted by the Supreme Court on June 23.


More information at New York Times, who renames illegals to “eligible unauthorized”. (Much like Progressives redefine marriage and call terrorism workplace violence.)

Minimum wage real adjusted purchasing power

Mexico at 80 cents.

This has NAFTA, border control, cartels, unemployment and cronyism written all over it.


From International Business Times