McCoy toon

Marvel vs. DC Comics

San Diego Comic-Con begins July 20-23. It sold out within hours in April (CBS)

Bond Girls’ History

While the media focuses on a Russian woman …


From with 2015 addition by

Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood

87 and hopefully many more!

From The Guardian:

Monopoly Token Changes

Hello T-Rex, bye bye Thimble.

Other new tokens: Penguin, Rubber Ducky

Out: Thimble, Boot, Wheelbarrow:

People voted in January at


Nuff said

When Obama Speaks About Trump

From the brilliant crew at placeboing on YouTube

Weekend Laugh

If Millenials Were Lumberjacks

The Trump news is so good every day, we must take time out to make fun of the indoctrinated snowflakes.
(Apologies that Obama screwed you over with all that student debt.)

Super Heroes Now and Then

The Hoff makes an appearance!

Priceless Trump Protester

We could watch this all day.

New Years’ Resolutions

RIP Carrie Fisher

Nuff said

More frolicking happiness to remember her by at

Santa Fun

Cost of the Death Star


Archie Comics’ 75th Anniversary

Archie’s first appearance was in Pep Comics in 1941: Selling prices ($167,000-$4,000) at


Archie got his first solo comic in the winter of 1942.


Michelle Obama quotes


Blast from the Past

Best ad of the campaign:

When viewers get hooked

(Breaking Bad was two episodes, in earlier Netflix data)


The Enterprise

Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary.
(Originally aired Sept. 8, 1966)


From the Star Trek Blueprint collection.