30 Years Since Black Monday

Wall Street Journal newspaper graphic comparing the 1987 stock market crash to the 1929 crash.

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Gorrell toon

Myth of Rich Not Paying Fair Share in Taxes

How much more can the rich be taxed?

Poor people do not create jobs.


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Housing crisis history

UPDATE: It has been 10 years (Feb. 7, 2008) since the announcement by HSB which started the housing crisis, caused by Democrats pandering for votes. (Excellent timeline at Zerohedge)

What “The Big Short” movie left out…

By History Infographics — Sources . . .

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Hillary Clinton’s money train


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Amazon Empire

Thankful for small business Saturday …

Expensive Cities (Thanks to Democrats)

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Obamacare architect: Increase fines

FLASHBACK: Jonathan Gruber proposes “fixing” Obamacare by increasing fines for not participating, which according to CNN are $700 on average.

Democrats already screwed up tuition costs, now they want to further penalize young Americans.

Tuitions costs infographic

Buying vs. Renting Gaps

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Why the U.S. cares about Somalia

April 15, 2017: Over 20 101st Airborne troops sent to Somalia to train forces fighting radical Islamist group al-Shabab

May 5: Death of U.S. Navy Seal announced outside Mogadishu.

Loss of Somalia to radical Islamists could force maritime trade to travel around the African continent. Read more at Geopoliticalfutures.com

Obama created Somali enclave in Amarillo, Texas. They elected their own mayors. (Watchdog.org)

Debt = Serfdom

U.S. savings rate:

Excellent essay by Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com

U.S. deficits: 1969-2015

Democrats are complaining that President Trump’s new simplified tax proposal would grow the deficit. We ask since when do Democrats care about deficits or debt?


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IRS Union Political Donations

We don’t think the IRS will like President Trump’s simplified tax code.

Slide to Serfdom

Charles Hugh Smith: The Left’s Descent into Facism

Rise of the 0.1%

Charles Hugh Smith has an interesting breakdown of what caused the trend of increased capital in the top 0.1%.

Smith says the economy shifted from production to financialization.
(Mixed with computer advances and higher health care replacing and displacing labor)

(Basically bigger government intervention helps the very rich, which is why they favored Hillary Clinton)

Socialism Epic Fail

Venezuela stopped reporting their money supply: (Zerohedge story)

Similar to the Weimar Republic in 1922 when it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.

States Hit by Oil Price Declines

Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming saw downturns as of the third quarter in 2016 according to report (PDF) by Kansas Fed Economist Jason Brown:

“Obama said it was OK to come”

FLASHBACK: “In a way we are just a welcoming crew” — Border Patrol official

New Job Types

(Besides manufacturing and construction jobs which the Trump Administration is bringing back)

Welfare Spending