Why the U.S. cares about Somalia

April 15, 2017: Over 20 101st Airborne troops sent to Somalia to train forces fighting radical Islamist group al-Shabab

May 5: Death of U.S. Navy Seal announced outside Mogadishu.

Loss of Somalia to radical Islamists could force maritime trade to travel around the African continent. Read more at Geopoliticalfutures.com

Obama created Somali enclave in Amarillo, Texas. They elected their own mayors. (Watchdog.org)

Rise of the 0.1%

Charles Hugh Smith has an interesting breakdown of what caused the trend of increased capital in the top 0.1%.

Smith says the economy shifted from production to financialization.
(Mixed with computer advances and higher health care replacing and displacing labor)

(Basically bigger government intervention helps the very rich, which is why they favored Hillary Clinton)