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Obamacare Mess

Let us hope the 142-page Republican Health Care Bill (Read here at can fix this this Obamacare mess:

A CATO institute study explains how Obamacare regulations are “terms and conditions” of government spending, which is allowed to be repealed with a simple majority in the Senate.

Obamacare architect: Increase fines

FLASHBACK: Jonathan Gruber proposes “fixing” Obamacare by increasing fines for not participating, which according to CNN are $700 on average.

Democrats already screwed up tuition costs, now they want to further penalize young Americans.

Tuitions costs infographic

North Korea’s Nuclear Strategic Threat

U.S. spy satellites picked up activity at North Korea’s underground nuclear facility this week, ahead of today’s (June 21, 2017) meetings with U.S. and Chinese diplomats in D.C. (Read more at Fox News)

North Korea has tested five nuclear bombs so far.

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Meme of the Day

John Ossoff (Pajama Boy), handpicked by Pelosi with Soros money, loses in Georgia.

Mic drop.

USS Fitzgerald Collision

Suspicious behavior from the Philippine freighter’s path which collided with the USS Fitzgerald.

The ACS Crystal made a U-turn then made an odd turn to the south where it struck the U.S. destroyer, resulting in the deaths of seven U.S. sailors.

Read more at Fox News

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Summer Heat Fraud Scares Debunked

Ramadan 2017 Day 24

Detailed list at

238 attacks
1,850 killed in the name of Islam.

The liberal scientific method

Democrat attorney generals and Al Gore are using the corrupt legal system to attack scientific debate. Effects of the Sun, geothermal activity, tilt of the Earth and water vapor must be silenced, according to “settled science”.



Happy Father’s Day

Meme of the Day

Arabs Attack Israel: 1948

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More from Mike Lester at GoComics

Trump Derangement Syndrome IV

The Huffington Post published an article calling for President Trump’s execution before the shootings of Republicans on Wednesday.

They have since pulled it down.

Trump Derangement Syndrome III

Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s son (Linwood Kaine) is part of the cowardly, masked Antifa, charged with crimes for disrupting free speech with a smoke bomb inside the Minnesota Capitol building.

Trump Derangement Syndrome II

Loretta Lynch: “Ordinary people, who simply saw what needed to be done… They’ve marched, they’ve bled, and yes some of them have died. This is hard.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Did vice-presidential hopeful Tim Kaine get his wish?

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Maxine Waters’ Russian investments

Good ole Maxine runs in fear when asked about her Russian investments!

Thanks to Fleccas Talks YouTube channel.

Read more about Waters’ Russian ties at

Ramadan 2017 – Day 15

HALFWAY THROUGH: Includes the London attack and a woman with a suicide vest killing 31 and injuring 34 in a Karbala market in Iraq.

See the list at

North Korea Continues Missile Tests

North Korea boasted it had fired a new type of cruise missile on June 9.

GOOD NEWS: South Korea then agreed to accept more THAAD missile defense from the U.S. Read more at

Meme of the Day

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Meme of the Day

Defending South Korea with THAAD


1. The U.S. rushed deployment of two THAADs to the SE of South Korea before their Presidential elections.

2. China balked at THAAD deployment.

3. New South Korean President suspended deployment of additional THAAD, citing environmental concerns (ridiculous).

4. JUNE 7, 2017: North Korea just launched new missile salvos, (fourth since new President Moon took over.)

5. Will the U.S. reconsider its defense of South Korea?

UPDATE: South Korea has agreed to accept more THAAD missile defense from the U.S. after another launch by North Korea on June 9. Read more at

Meme of the Day

D-Day anniversary

June 6, 1944


Infographic from Graphic News

CNN Caught Faking News

Footage from @markantro on Twitter shows CNN’s @BeckyCNN staging an ISIS protest in London. They even removed White police officers from the scene and substituted with Asian officers.