Rare Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse has not crossed the U.S. coast to coast since 1918.

Coordinates of the even on August 21, 2017:

Break Time

We have fought for two years to expose the liberal damage to society and won.

More work to do, but must recharge our batteries for one month.

Huge plans in September, 2017!

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The Government Teet

Medicaid started as safety net for only 2% of population.

Medicaid enrollees to grow by 40 million under Obamacare (CNS News)

Trump nominees

Senate Democrats are trying to slow roll nominees, plus President Trump has not submitted as many names. (Keeping the swamp small.)

Washington Post graphic

Shadow government

Unprecedented attempts to take down an “outsider” President …

Waters’ 43rd District

UPDATE: Auntie Maxine is considering running for President.

By History Infographics
Extensive source links and more Waters quotation gemstones . . .

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Marvel vs. DC Comics

San Diego Comic-Con begins July 20-23. It sold out within hours in April (CBS)

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Meme of the Day

Meme of the Day

Bowie Knives Street Legal Again

Bowie knives, swords and daggers will be street legal in Texas on Sept. 1, 2017 (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Remember the Alamo …

Housing crisis history

UPDATE: It has been 10 years (Feb. 7, 2008) since the announcement by HSB which started the housing crisis, caused by Democrats pandering for votes. (Excellent timeline at Zerohedge)

What “The Big Short” movie left out…

By History Infographics — Sources . . .

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Clinton and Media Collusion

Money money money money …

See full email at Wikileaks’ Podesta batch

Clinton Ukraine Collusion Links

The financing scheme of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign using IMF loans intended for Ukraine.

Source: Cyber-berkut

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Bond Girls’ History

While the media focuses on a Russian woman …


From Cabletv.com with 2015 addition by Historyinfographics.com

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Clinton-China Collusion

The media will ignore an “off the record” meeting with the Clinton campaign and the Chinese Ambassador …

Read more at Wikileaks (Which has never been wrong)